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Belated entry: Banned Books Week 2007

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Sigh. During my latest period of not having enough time to pay attention to my blog here, I totally missed one of the events I had planned to report and celebrate. As you can guess, and most of my friends already know, one of my most hard-line stances is taken relative to the issue of free speech and open access to information. Thus, the American Library Association’s yearly observance of Banned Books Week is something I’d planned to mention on here. Preferably, it would have been in advance, but hey, I guess arriving late is better than not arriving at all. Besides, it’s not like this is an issue which only happens once per year; the real problem exists continuously. (more…)

In the beginning…

Monday, July 30th, 2007

In the begnning, there was a singularity. The singlarity was a computer, and a computer was the singularity. There were no other singularities; the number of singularities was one. The computer was one.

Into the singularity was placed linux, apache, mysql, php, and an internet connection; the computer came forth from the void as  a LAMP server with infinite potential.

Lon saw the light of the LAMP and revealed Wordpress unto it.  And Lon said, “This is good.  For now at least”.