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Friday, January 4th, 2008

Once again, I have a miscellaneous collection of various things I’ve found on the net which are interesting, but I either don’t have time to write an entire post about or think that they warrant their own post. (more…)

See God, Kai: A New Theory of Everything

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Did anyone see that strange/wonderful HBO show called John from Cincinnati? Life imitates art once again as a surfer comes out of nowhere to say “See God, Kai“.

So, it seems that some random guy, in this case a poor surfer/snowboarder who plays with physics as a hobby, has come up with an impressive Theory of Everything. Bitchin, dude, pass the bong.

This surfer, Dr. Lisi to you, has spent the past several years using his doctorate in theoretical physics to perfect his skills at surfing in Hawaii and snowboarding in the mountains near Lake Tahoe. The newspaper stories say he’s fairly poor, a believable claim given that a PhD in theoretical physics isn’t exactly a path to riches even when one does have a university affiliation. Which he doesn’t, mainly due to his not being able to stomach the pressure that mainstream academia places on one to toe the line regarding string theory. His varied selection of employment, such as being a snowboarding instructor, has given him enough spare time (another benefit of not being affiliated with a university) to pursue his hobby of searching for the holy grail of physics, which he might just have found.

Theories of everything are quite in vogue nowadays; it seems that everyone has one. The problem is that most, like string theory, are more similar to religion than they are to science. What makes this one interesting is that it is simple (for suitable values of ’simple’). It’s beautiful, as one would suspect that any theory for our universe would be. And even better, it might even be real science. (more…)

Scientists can’t get it right in their own field, let alone others.

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

I frequently argue that scientists who start putting forth notions that are outside their field of specialty, especially when their notions are significantly divergent from the experts in the field they are venturing into, should sit down and shut up.

Imagine a marine biologist, for example, putting forth the claim that the theory of relativity is wrong because physicists misunderstand basic optics. Of course, they are free to do so, but the burden of proof is upon them. Given that this is a field of hard science, they will find it difficult to do so (although, even if they can show some evidence, it is highly doubtful that the scientific powers that be, i.e. review boards, would allow them to publish the conjecture).

So, you only find scientists publicly putting forth universally rejected notions in fields where they are confident that nobody will be able to issue a formal proof that the the notions are blatantly wrong. Hence the spate of atheistic scientists spewing their anti-religion bullshit in the popular press. No need for peer review within the field of theology, no danger of being proven to be a raving lunatic, just sit back and let the profits from publishing bestsellers roll in. Any game that has the ability to provide positive benefits without any risk of loss is a good game to play. (more…)

Fossils in Kenya Challenge Linear Evolution

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Recent find suggests that evolutionary processes are more bushy than the cool picture showing modern man’s evolution from a caveman suggests. As typical of any given instance of observed fact, I’m sure that everyone will point to this evidence as supporting their position exclusively.

Homo erectus and Homo habilis existed at same time, near each other