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STFU about boycotting China already

Friday, August 8th, 2008


Why Politics and Religion Shouldn’t Mix

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Losing My Religion asks if there is a stand a Christian should take on politics:

We have this huge political race down in America and it seems to me most Christians want to vote Republican - again. Meanwhile we take a look at either sides platforms and I have to admit - you take the good with the bad on both sides - but neither of them are reflective of the gospel message and honestly, at the end of the day, they are the same one’s when in power whom we will also oppose on many an issue.

This post triggered several thoughts in my mind: We allow our politicians to lie to us, our politicians increasingly act in ways that are antithetical to the definitions of the conservative/liberal labels applied to them, politics and religion shouldn’t be mixed at all, and that Christians very rarely display any competence whatsoever at selecting leaders. (more…)

Mice with brains and unicorns for Christmas

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

From a semi-recent posting on Very Important Stuff, I see that a Republican strategist, Christine O’Donnell, made a claim on The O’Reilly Factor that scientists were “cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains”.

The scary part isn’t that some random talking head on a political show misunderstands current scientific research (especially that particular political show), although it should be noted that Christine is a product of the same educational system as millions of the people who heard her speak. A system that quite obviously doesn’t instill any level of critical thought to be applied to things you hear. One doesn’t have to be the sharpest tack in the box to realize that even if one could put human brains in animals, there’s a little space issue going on with the human→mouse thing. But this isn’t a rant about education in the USA.

The scary part isn’t that someone involved in career politics is this clueless about science, although there’s plenty there to be afraid of. The sins against science under this administration are Legion, and we absolutely cannot stand for this demon to continue to possess our government. But this isn’t a rant about politicians’ ignorance of science.

The scary—and exciting—thing is that given time, this isn’t as laughable as it sounds, and humanity as a whole is preparing for a long period of moral issues that makes things like the death penalty and abortion seem quaint. (more…)

Links du jour

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Once again, I have a miscellaneous collection of various things I’ve found on the net which are interesting, but I either don’t have time to write an entire post about or think that they warrant their own post. (more…)

Links du jour

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

So much to blog about, so little time to blog. Here’s a roundup of interesting links that I’d considered writing about, but they’re beginning to back up (I’ve currently got 21 firefox instances running on my computer, each one having 4-8 tabs open). So here’s the latest roundup of stuff to frustrate, annoy, enrage, and enjoy:

China regulates reincarnation

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

As of next month, China is going to begin regulating “the procedures by which one is to reincarnate“.

As the article states, it’s really simply so they can gain more control over the selection of the next Dalai Lama. Of course, that’s if the current Dalai Lama chooses to reincarnate at all. He has already said he would not reincarnate in Tibet (or any Chinese-controlled land), and has expressed thoughts that the work of the Dalai Lamas may complete, thus no further need to return.

The article also mentions the possibility of having two concurrent Dalai Lamas; which would be an interesting repetition of Christian history during periods when more than one Pope claimed authority. Let’s hope that if there’s two Dalai Lamas, they’ll treat each other with a higher degree of civility and morality than the Popes did.

Mr. Justice

Monday, August 27th, 2007

I’m sure everyone has heard that Alberto Gonzales,  head of the US Justice Department, has announced his resignation.

Y’know, many times throughout his tenure, Gonzales has been suspected or accused of deception and outright falsehoods. Typically, falsehoods if he’s not under oath, diversion and deception (or sudden amnesia) when he is under oath.

It is no surprise to the people who accuse the man of deception when they hear that Gonzales’ press secretary insisted, on Sunday afternoon, that Gonzales had no intention of leaving his post while noting that Gonzales handed in his resignation to Mr. Bush on Friday.

Wonder if he’ll ever be truly brought to Justice? Although, we need to wait until Bush is out of office before any conviction, or watch him skirt the demands of justice via the flurry of presidential pardons.

Bush’s willful ignorance of science putting us all at risk

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Over at Bad Astronomy, Phil has made a post which gathers together some specific citations of the damage directly caused by GW Bush & Co by ignoring science and political cronyism.

Stuff a lot of us already knew, but needs the widest possible dissemination (amongst the citizens of the USA at least).

The founders warned us about guys like GW Bush

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

If one believes in the supernatural, the concept of prescience is right up one’s alley.

If one believes in God, the idea of divine inspiration or revelation is the operative theory.

If one believes in humanism, the facts explained by prescience or revelation are more easily explained simply by the great intellect; one can easily predict the future if they understand cause-and-effect and think about things hard enough.

Whether the likes of Madison and Jefferson were prescient, divinely inspired, or simply a bunch of really smart guys is a fairly irrelevant issue; it reduces to one of those age-old questions that, in the best of cases, are endlessly argued by friends gathered to share a meal (or a few beers).

The question is, do we actually believe that those guys knew what they were talking about? (more…)

And here’s why they’re gagging everyone

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

140,000 “warrants”. No probable cause, no judicial oversight. When the Patriot Act was passed, I remember well the eye-rolling that went on in some areas whenever it was pointed out how easily it could be abused. If you even mentioned that the FBI might abuse the incredible power, you were ridiculed, despite the Justice Department’s long, sordid history of abusing their powers. They promised us all that they’d not abuse this power. And the very minute they got it, the abuse began. (more…)