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2007 Battle of the Bands

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

As some of you know, I produce the Battle of the Bands competition for the Five County Fair here in Farmvegas. Last year’s show was nothing short of awesome; I wrote a couple of entries about it on my Myspace blog, and more details of that show are in the Battle of the Bands section on the Five County Fair website (which we at MoonStar develop/sponsor, being in the web design and web hosting business as we are) .

This year’s show is shaping up quite nicely indeed, although it was after considerable hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth. First we had issues with the entire FCF website as we were attempting to switch to the newest version of Joomla (content management system). Then I found out this morning that my spam filter was eating all the Battle of the Bands entry forms, and was only able to recover the three submitted since yesterday. Add to this that Dana, the sound guy who has provided the equipment and expertise in sound reinforcement for the past three shows was unavailable due to prior commitments. A shame, we really liked working with that guy.

As of this morning, I was a producer of a show, already with committed sponsors, on the highest attended night of the fair, with less than two weeks to go. No entries to put on the stage and no sound system to hear ‘em even if I did. The fact that the sponsors were on board, the venue has been reserved, advertising dealt with, and all the other successes so far paled in comparison to the looming threats. (more…)