Atheists and Christians explained in simple mathematical terms

The Christian believes that X equals Z and that Y equals Z, despite the ease in showing that X is not equal to Y.

The atheist believes that A equals B, but claims that B is not equal to A.

In the first case, consider that a Christian theoretically follows the teachings of Jesus. Many of them also believe that the entire Bible is error-free, a literal “word of God”. Now contrast the portrait of God presented by Jesus (a loving father of all mankind) with the God who massacred 42 children because they called Elisha bald. If Jesus was even partially truthful, most of the Old Testament and various parts of the New Testament are lies. [See my "Deprecate the Old Testament" post for more]

In the second case, many atheists insist that “My disbelief isn’t a belief, it’s simply a lack of belief”, despite the fact that it doesn’t require a triple-digit IQ to realize that saying “the coin is heads-up” is synonymous with saying “the coin is tails-down”. [See my "Arguments against God, pt. 2" post for more on this]

It seems to me that both sides of this argument need a bit more rational thought applied to their positions. That one side of the argument seems to think they are in sole possession of rationality and critical thought, well, fans, that’s what we in the business call “delicious irony”.

2 Responses to “Atheists and Christians explained in simple mathematical terms”

  1. Rodney Dunning Says:

    I think the fundamental problem is that what atheists deny is not what Christians (theists) believe.

  2. Lon Says:

    Indeed; I’ve said things along this line before. I’ve found that, without exception, atheists tend to construct a big imaginary strawman out of a few of the most extreme beliefs held (or once held) by many different and varied denominations/religions and then use the obvious stupidity of that as a justification for their hatred of all religion.

    Although, it should be noted that despite my using the “without exception” phrase above, some will drop that strawman and proceed to a more interesting level of debate when called on it. Those are the rare and precious ones. The only ones I call friends are like that.

    Another thing I like to point out is how, if you put two different theists in a room and set the topic to religion, they will find no end of things to debate/argue about. Visit any number of religious-themed sites or blogs on the web and ample proof of this is provided. Yet, when you wander around the web and read posts authored by atheists, they all present the exact same ideas in sycophantic unison. And ever since The God Delusion was published, they frequently use the exact same words and phrases as well. Their ability to quote verses from their holy book exceeds most fundamentalists I know. So….more delicious irony as they claim that they’re “freethinkers”, the ones who singularly possess the gift of creative, independent thought. When the title of “mindless parrot” gets brought up, the only argument that can be had over most of today’s atheists and religious fundamentalists is which one gets called “pot” and which one gets called “kettle”, because they’re certainly all of the same color.