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Once again, I have a miscellaneous collection of various things I’ve found on the net which are interesting, but I either don’t have time to write an entire post about or think that they warrant their own post.

Jayne Lyn Stahl at the Huffington Post, using the assassination of Benazir Bhutto as a springboard, posted a great article about the Moral Downsizing we see in the USA today.

I suppose it had to happen. There’s a project underway to translate the Bible into kitty-pidgin (the language of LOLcats).  If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what LOLcats are, check the Wikipedia entry, or, simply go to a site with a massive collection of them such as I Can Has Cheezburger. But note that until you’re well-versed in LOLcat, the Bible translation project won’t make much sense. Believe it or not, there’s also a project to create a programming language called LOLcode. See the LOLcode site or check the Wikipedia entry.

In the truly amazing category, a guy who pays too much attention to the Book of Hallucinations Revelations and spent all of 2007 predicting that the rapture was coming before the end of the year has issued an apology. Although the truly scary thing isn’t that he doesn’t understand why it came to pass, but his  statement that “no one is as dissapointed as I am” that the world didn’t come to an end when he said it would.

A truly sad story, assuming it’s true, about a die-hard feminist who didn’t realize how much of a man-hating bitch she was until after she’d split up her family, pushing away the only man who’d put up with her and losing the love of her children (despite gaining custody and the house, of course) is reported by Kellymac in a post titled A Middle-Aged Princess Grows Up.

Apparently the world’s oldest profession isn’t limited to humans. Or, more precisely, the old adage that “you always pay for sex” is also true for macaque monkeys.

Speaking of monkeys, or at least portions of the human population which evidently haven’t evolved much further than that, we have yet another story of a so-called “honor” killing by some Muslim. Well, a suspected honor killing at least; they haven’t yet found the father suspected of killing his two teenaged daughters because he didn’t approve of their behaviour. There’s a $10,ooo reward for Yaser Abdel Said. When will these idiots realize that killing one’s daughters doesn’t perserve one’s honor, it quite effectively displays that not only do you have none, you don’t even comprehend the concept?

Fortunately for us, though, human evolution may be speeding up. Maybe this’ll wind up being the real answer to global warming.

This didn’t get much play in the US media, but apparently one of the major Wall Street banks, Morgan Stanley, has issued a full US recession alert. They’re now saying that it is likely too late to do anything about it; that a “perfect storm” is no unavoidable. No wonder it didn’t get much play on USA TV.

About a year or so ago, I remember reading an article that pointed out that Dick Cheney had moved the bulk of his investments into instruments which would pay off only if the war continued, the US economy tanked and the dollar lost a lot of value. Given that his stock options at Halliburtion have grown  3,281% in the last year alone, it looks like he’s a wise investor. Isn’t this insider trading somehow?

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