Entering Dangerous Waters

Welcome to my quickly thrown together placeholder site to support the book I'm planning. I'm too busy researching and writing at the moment to bother much with making this site pretty...that can come later if and when I actually have something to show.

In case you're wondering, "Entering Dangerous Waters" is to be a player's guide for the recently-released naval warfare simulation called "Sonalysts Combat Simulations - Dangerous WatersTM".

I can't recommend the game enough to anyone who enjoys naval warfare simulations. I'll write more later regarding why I'm such a fan of both the game and the company that produced it, but most of the people coming to this site at the moment will already be fans of the game. I should note here that I'm not affiliated with Sonalysts, Inc. or their publisher (other than being a happy customer).

Anyway, enough chit chat. On with the links:

Cavitation Profiles: a quick reference table to show sub captains the speeds and depths at which they can operate without cavitating. Graphics to come soon.

Download the Demo: I have torrents available for the demo and the media pack if you have a Bittorrent client and would like to see what the game looks like:

Or, you can just take my word for it and buy it here.

There's a great community of players at the Subsim Forums.

There's also a good number of other sites devoted to the game. I'll put up links later, but you can find most of them through one of the two above sites. A notable one that needs to be put up now is Subguru.

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